Trek Outfit Wholesale Program Terms

Welcome to the Trek Outfit Wholesale Program! As partners in adventure, it's crucial that we share a common understanding and commitment. The terms below are designed to guide our partnership.

Application Approval Process: Submit an application for review. Approval is based on brand fit and market opportunity.

Ordering, Pricing, and Sales

  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): Details on MOQs will be shared upon program acceptance.
  • Wholesale Pricing: Access to our competitive wholesale pricing is provided post-approval.
  • Resale Guidelines: Adherence to our Suggested Retail Price (SRP) on all platforms is mandatory to maintain fairness and brand integrity.
Online Sales Policy:
  • SRP Adherence: Selling below the SRP on third-party platforms is prohibited. Violations may result in wholesale qualification revocation.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Partners are encouraged to report any SRP breaches. Proactive measures are essential to our collective success.

Brand Representation and Product Handling

  • Marketing Support: We supply official imagery and descriptions. Modification of Trek Outfit's brand assets requires consent.
  • Storage and Display: Products must be presented in a way that reflects the high standards of the Trek Outfit brand.

Financials and Logistics

  • Payments: Orders are to be paid in full prior to dispatch. Negotiable terms for established relationships.
  • Shipping Responsibilities: Shipping costs fall to the wholesaler, barring specific agreements.

Returns, Exchanges, and Communications

  • Damaged Goods: Report within 7 days for action.
  • Unsold Inventory: Returns or exchanges of unsold products is not considered.
Program Adaptation and Termination
  • Terms Adjustment: We reserve the right to modify these terms with prior notification.
  • Partnership Dissolution: Termination from either party requires written notice.

Adherence to these terms ensures a fruitful and enduring partnership, as we collectively strive to equip adventurers everywhere with the best outdoor gear. We're excited to journey together.

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